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Rajesh Exports, World’s largest manufacturer of Gold jewellery

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[tab title=”About” ]Rajesh Exports REL has set up a best in class gems fabricating unit at Whitefield, Bangalore. The development of the assembling unit was begun in the year 2001 and finished in the year 2003. The manufacturing plant has been particularly intended to suit the most requesting needs of adornments assembling; exceptional accentuation has been laid on security, minimizing Gold wastage and laborer welfare. The crest out-put limit of the plant is to deliver Two hundred and fifty tones of world class adornments per annum. The assembling office is the biggest adornments producing office on the planet.

Since they wanted to understand and master jewellery manufacturing, In the year 1989 they formed a partnership firm called Rajesh Exports with the main objective of manufacturing jewellery and exporting the same. In the year 1989, they set up the first organized gold  jewellery  manufacturing unit in a small place in Bangalore, by getting skilled workers from Mumbai to Bangalore. In the year 1989 they got their first export order from U.K. By following strict quality standards and innovative designs, Rajesh Exports was able to quickly scale up the manufacturing operations and exports.

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