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Mystic: Brand Of Thermo Group CA , Venezula

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Mystic is a brand launched by Thermo Group CA . The product goes for extensive hair care of ladies the lines give a profound recovery giving imperativeness and sparkle of the most elevated quality .

About the Products:

Hydra Frizz:(Post treatment Professional Use) Hydra Frizz everyday infuses in your hair a high brightness and eliminates the drudgery for a maximum slip of the comb.

Hydra Color: The new Pre Treatment Hydra Color  gives maximum hydration dyeing thanks to its high concentration of hydrolysed milk protein hair

Leche De Foca:(Mask Collection)  Mystic Collection  has developed this clever and innovative treatment, unique in the market, which thanks to its active ingredients, which mimic those present in the milk of Foca, gives the hair a higher than any other conditioning treatment.

Sperm Whale : The new blister intensive smoothing Mystic Collection , based on Artificial Sperm Whale , provides extreme hair silky and velvety feel. It helps soften hair texture and restoring its natural shine.


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