Akash Nangia, Man behind success of SISL Infotech

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[tab title=”ABOUT” ] Akash Nangia: A tale of entrepreneurial success People who have tasted success, emerged triumphant from the pits of adversity, are often said to be blessed with flair, or even just plain lucky. The truth, though, is far from it. Many toiled and worked harder than the average person can even dream. These exclusive breeds of people wake up early, work towards a goal and also stay awake later than most. Akash Nangia, the young visionary and the brainchild behind the ever-growing success of SISL InfoTech, a leading IT reseller company that delivers IT solutions and support, is an emerging example of where hard work and sustained focus can take you. Young, driven and motivated, Akash Nangia possesses a combination of foresight, determination and resiliency. He has strong communication skills and an innate ability to motivate his employees. Getting rid of his limiting and restricting beliefs and listening to his intuition was, perhaps, the basis for his rise to subtle fame. Working hard was his default mode. Whenever he wanted to accomplish his ambitions, he just went all in. His beginning years went a long way in moulding him into one of India’s emerging business figures. His early education took shape at Mount Carmel School in New Delhi, where he developed a deep sense of responsibility as a child. His extracurricular activities, from the very beginning, set him apart from the rest. Akash Nangia excelled in Table Tennis by emerging champion in the interstate TT championship. He was also a core member of the inter-college cricket team in his later years and won many trophies single-handedly. Akash was also a valued member of the prefectorial board where his ideas and innovative contributions were highly valued. A keen thinker with innovative and leadership qualities attracted many accolades from his peers as well as his teachers, who touted him as a leader of the future generation. In 2005, he was inducted into the SRCC College where he once again stamped his unique qualities with much aplomb. He dominated the debate society, captained the cricket and the Handball team and nurtured leadership qualities amongst his peers and juniors, who often came up to him for guidance and advice. After passing out from the college in 2008, he joined TEN Sports where he worked for 14 months. His knowledge and flair in sports, built as foundation in his growing years, came in handy and the channel profited greatly by his understanding and knack for sports. He was later welcomed into the Zomato fold with high hopes. And he exceeded all expectations. Climbing the ladder of eminence, he became the Vice President of Sales and media alliances very quickly, astounding corporate pundits and all sundry. His stature grew exponentially and the company began to reap rich dividends. Recognizing his inputs and influence, he was quickly brought into the company’s ‘Think tank’ fold.  [/tab]
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