Two Mail by Adaptive Security: One-stop solution for secure email communications

Adaptive Security
Adaptive Security

​​​For the firms that are dealing with critical information of the clients, it becomes the utmost priority to protect their data from any sort of compromises. E-mails – that remain one of the most popular means of data transfer even today, unfortunately, are exposed to leakages and breaches. Interestingly, there are several software firms that provide secure gateways for e-mail communication. Two Mail by Adaptive Security has proved to be one of the safest and popular gateways for communications and data transfer through e-mails.

wo Mail is an advance product developed by Adaptive Security that eliminates all chances of data compromises. The firms can access e-mails as a part of local LAN even without internet through the software. The two-step authentication that Two Mail employs makes unauthorized access to the information next to impossible, hence mitigating phishing attempt. The software involves three identification types to authenticate the user access — PIN, Password and Secret Question, Device Authentication and Fingerprint, Retina and Biometric preventing MITM (man in the middle) breach attempts.

Although there are several email secure gateways available in the market today, Adaptive Security’s Two Mail has been proving itself from time and again since the last decade.

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