• Motivational quotes from Sahara India Chief Subrata Roy Sahara

    The founder of Sahara India Pariwar, Subrata Roy is an inspirational personality. His books ‘Life Mantras’ and ‘Think with Me’ are full of motivation.  
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    Create your own opportunities – Subrata Roy Sahara

    Three kinds of motivation that govern human life that is money, esteem and self motivation – Subrata Roy Sahara.
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    Subrata Roy meets Prime Minister of Bangladesh

    Sahara India , founded by Subrata Roy is an Indian company and it is headquartered in Lucknow, India with business interests in finance, infrastructure & housing, media & entertainment, consumer merchandise retail venture, manufacturing and information technology.Subrata Roy founded the company in 1978. He was named among the 10 Most Powerful People ...
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    Subrata Roy at ceremony of World Champions Shooters

      Sahasri Subrata Roy ,Sahara Managing worker & chairman,Sahara India Pariwar, T the felicitation ceremony of the world champion shooters ms. Tejaswini Sawant and Mr. Gagan Narang. Also seen in the picture Mr.Avtar Singh Sethi,Officiating President,NRAI,Mr.Rajiv Bhatia,NRAI representative Mrs. Kooheli Ganguly,Rifle coach of Indian National Team & coach of Ms.Tejaswani ...
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    Subrata Roy Pride Of India

    [tabs style=”h1″ ] [tab title=”About” ]Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara founded Sahara India Pariwar in the year 1978 with only Rs. 2000, one office of 10’ X 12’, 2 assistants and a vision that has enabled Sahara India Group to grow into one of the major conglomerates of India, with assets ...
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    Subrata Roy: Founder of Sahara India Pariwar

    [tabs style=”h1″ ] [tab title=”About” ]Subrata Roy (Bengali: সুব্রত রায়, Hindi: सुब्रत रॉय, Urdu: صُبراته رائى‎) (born 10 June 1948) is an Indian businessman. He is the founder and chairman of the Sahara India, an Indian conglomerate with diversified ownership interests that include London’s Grosvenor House, New York’s Plaza Hotel, ...