Cars24 Company Profile

A tech-enabled company, CARS24 is India’s largest platform for buying and selling used cars. Founded in 2015, the company has its presence across 154 major cities in India. The unique business model of CARS24 offers the best price in the fastest possible time with expert assistance.

Revolutionizing the way used cars are transacted!

cars 24 company profile

CARS24 offers an efficient, reliable and hassle-free transacting experience for used cars, changing the endeavor completely. – India’s largest platform to buy used cars.

Sell your car in 3 easy steps within a blink of an eye at CARS24, a unique platform with result-oriented solution.

Sell your car in a jiffy, but efficiently!

cars 24 company profile

CARS24 is a platform where online evaluation is followed by free inspection to help you sell your car in a jiffy, but efficiently!

Visit any CARS24 branch near you to get the best price for your car!

cars 24 company

From one office to more than 177 branches across 154+ major cities in India, the journey of CARS24 speaks for itself!

Instant payment is a USP of CARS24!

cars 24 app

It is easy to sell your car at CARS24 with a simple procedure comprising of three steps. We assure instant payment on the back of our efficient servers!

CARS24 is shaking up used car industry across the country with the integration of new technology. The company sells around 100,000 cars at its branches annually, transforming the sector in a short span of time.

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