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Janaharsha Estates and construction

Janaharsha Estates : A Diffrent Breed of Multi Dimensional Estates

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Janaharsha Estates has come up with a whole new definition of living at its project Dream City II. Dream City II has redefined the way of life as it has carved an abode in the lap of nature. Dream City II comes with a unique connection to nature as all the homes are made such that they open to lush green landscapes.

Dream City II has been developed into 21 phases which have been named with different letters. The phases are further bifurcated into 5 sectors which are named as the Paradise, Gold Lines, Dream Lines, Green Lines and Sapphire. The sectors are divided on the basis of different sizes of the units it contains. The crown units are as big as 2400 sq. yds. ensuring a grand life for you.

Dream City II spans across an area of 14 kms and has a minimum road width of 40 feet. The city also has aesthetically developed parks and some of these even exceed 8 acres. The parks have been named as the Asoka Park, Venu Vanam, Hexagonal Park, Coconut Oval Park, West Tower Park, Brindavanam, Mango Circle, Chitrakutam, Hanuman Junction Park and many more.

Janaharsha Estates proudly believes in the equality of all religions. This belief has been exemplified in the construction of Prardhana Complex which has a church, a masjid and a Sri Venkateshwara Temple. Besides this, a gigantic Dhammagiri Buddha Vihaar is also being constructed that spans across an area of 3 acres. It will offer an abode to international Buddhist pilgrims.

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