Focus Frame Living Room Coffee Table Designs

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The Median Coffee Table is lavish yet functional. The table features a rectangular wooden top with one side finished in the same wood and one with a flawless chrome square leg. The coffee table also features a grey tempered glass shelf providing additional storage space.

The Neo coffee table features a large square glass top providing ample storage space for drinks, remote controls and magazines. The base of the coffee table features angular wood panels which combine together creating shelves.

The Blanc coffee table features a large square white glass top providing ample storage space for drinks, remote controls and magazines. The legs of the coffee table feature metal bars which provide the perfect place for storing magazines and newspapers.

The Kiara coffee table comes with an elegant circular glass top with a metal supporting center and base. It is sturdy and classy at the same time and will never go out of style.

The Kube collection of coffee tables comes in two different sizes and shapes. The medium variation of the table can be used as a center table in itself or as a side table in combination with the large table. The veneered top and metal supporting bars provide a sleek look and will complete your living room.

Focus Frame differentiates itself by providing fully imported European furniture solutions for their clients that are delivered like clock-work with a turn-around time of 45 days per home from design to final installation.

The Company currently has its offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and plans to expand to other metros soon. They can be contacted on or via their website

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