Dilip Suryavanshi – Dilip Buildcon Family

Dilip Suryavanshi -Dilip Buildcon

Dilip Suryavanshi -Dilip Buildcon

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[tab title=”Dilip Suryavanshi” ]Dilip Buildcon Ltd., named after its visionary promoter Mr. Dilip Suryavanshi, is a Bhopal based ISO 9001:2008 company, with accreditation from the IRQAO and ASCB(E) Accrediting Certifying Bodies, UK. DBL is the successor of Dilip Builders that was founded as a proprietorship concern in 1988-89. On April 1, 2007 the business of the proprietorship firm was taken over with all the assets & liabilities by DBL. In the initial years of its operation the company focused on commercial & residential buildings, creating many marquee projects in Madhya Pradesh. As business grew in the early 90’s the company forayed into other types of construction as well. The first move was into water sanitation & sewage. After that the company also did structural designing & construction for clients in the oil & gas industry. At the end of the 1990s when the new central government put forward a vision of connecting the country with roads, DBL saw it as a huge opportunity & dived head-first into it. After facing stiff resistance on multiple fronts by the established players & stakeholders, DBL finally got a start in the sector with a small road project. After that DBL never looked back & within a short period of six years became the largest road-focused construction firm in Madhya Pradesh. All this was possible because of the company’s policy of continuous innovation & relentless pursuit of excellence. [/tab]


  1. anjalisinha 18 February, 2016 at 10:48 Reply

    They are undoubtedly the leaders in EPC sector. Dilip Buildcon have achieved milestones in this sector. Great job!!

  2. surjeet singh 18 February, 2016 at 07:52 Reply

    They have done a spectacular work in the field of roads and highways. Dilip Suryavanshi is truly a great leader.

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