Chirping Woods ‬, where luxury walks hand in glove with comfort

chirping woods

Peacefully nestled amongst not one but two beautiful lakes and surrounded by an evergreen valley, Shriram “Chirping Woods” is set around 16 acres of natural lush surroundings and amazingly not far away the city. Where every home is exclusively designed with extra wide balconies and extraordinarily large windows to let nature freely into your homes. It’s a place where you and your family can rediscover your relationship with friendly and feathered neighbors. And get re – introduced to nature, every day of your lives.
Let your children grow up in the lap of nature, amongst birds, squirrels and butterflies. Shriram Chirping Woods is a place where you can rediscover your relationship with friendly, flurry and feathered neighbours. Meet Mr. Fisher, who’ll teach you a new song every day. And say hello to Sir Roller who just loves to play hide and seek all time.
Welcome to the best of both worlds. Where the best of complementary design meets the best of nature. Where luxury and comfort is a way of life. A choice of lifestyle you will love.

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