Co-founder of -Praveen Sinha’s entrepreneurial ventures

A Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) and IIM Calcutta alumnus, Praveen Sinha is a popular business tycoon in India. His business farsightedness and holistic approach is what makes him unique from his peers. Well-known for playing a crucial role in establishing, Praveen Sinha has been instrumental in making several entrepreneurial ventures a huge success. Unlike majority of the entrepreneurs who usually deal with at least one business failure before establishing a successful one, Praveen Sinha made his first business venture a notable success, owing to his unique learnings he gained while he was working.

Sinha’s first entrepreneurial venture —AquaBrim Pvt. Ltd. was established with the idea of providing effective solutions for automation of water management system. Today, the firm provides almost everything —from simple application of automation water pumps at residence to complex industrial projects. At present, AquaBrim is used by Railways and has been effectively used in flood monitoring system, river monitoring system and smart cities. Later, Praveen Sinha decided to start an e-commerce business venture— for the digitally literate new generation people.

With his sheer dedication, hard work and brilliant application of mind, Praveen Sinha made a popular name in the world of online shopping within a few months of establishing the venture. Founded in 2012, became the second most popular e-commerce website by the amount of online traffic by the end of the year. Owing to his out-of-the-box ideas that were implemented to improve and enhance the supply chain management, human resources, finance, and administration, within a year, was dispatching 6,000 orders a day which kept growing and managed to peak to more than 1 lakh orders a day. In 2016, Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart acquired through its subsidiary Myntra.

Following the acquisition of, Praveen Sinha acquired Gurgaon-based NBFC PinCap. At present, he is serving as the managing director of the firm and has transformed it from traditional NBFC to a tech-driven new-age financial services company. Under the leadership of Praveen Sinha PinCap offers innovative financial solutions to businesses and helps them enhance their capacity and create economies of scale. It is also one of the leading NBFCs in the market to work in new technology especially in supply chain finance and personal loan . Following his multiple successful business startups, Praveen Sinha is guiding young entrepreneurs to set higher business goals by financing and mentoring them, through his new entrepreneurial venture PinCap.

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