Relief India Trust- We save the children




Many non-profit organizations undertake relief measures for people and areas struck with calamities. Relief India Trust has undertaken these relief measures for people who survived many disasters including floods, earthquakes, landslides and many others. The NGO helps such victims all over the country and facilitate in their rehabilitation. Relief measures are undertaken by Relief India Trust in various steps. They are:

  •  Provision of necessary food items
  •  Provision of shelter to the victims of disasters
  •  Extension of medical facilities to them

As we know that education is a basic human right of anybody; be it younger or elder, it is everybody’s requirement. Many NGOs are working in this direction by doing the promotion of education in the sticks where uneducated people are exploited to the limits. These organizations have provided children of these far-flung areas with appropriate facilities that enable them to continue their studies crossing all the barriers. Relief India Trust has helped these children with other educational facilities and material that has smoothen their process of learning along with creating constant awareness and importance of education in these areas which it RIT’s own approach.

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