Inherited Legacy – How AKM Mehrasons Jewellers owners Deepak and Navin are taking business forward

AKM Mehrasons Jewellers Owner - Deepak and Navin


AKM Mehrasons jewellers is a pioneering jewellery brand that has been strongly committed to the business for decades. With its roots tracing back to Lahore, Pakistan, the company had a humble beginning in 1932 and then moved to India post-independence. After India’s partition, Mehrasons moved to Dariba Kalan, in the old city of Delhi. Mehrasons initially catered as a departmental store offering everyday items and high-end electronics.

The company then eventually ventured into the jewelry business in 1968. In the 2000s, Mehrasons changed its name to AKM Mehrasons Jewellers, and since then the brand has grown manifolds, extending its unique offerings to people in the city and beyond. Currently headed by Deepak Mehra, son of AK Mehra, the brand has ventured into different lines of jewellery – expanding its presence beyond the by-lanes of South Delhi in 1968 – to international markets through ecommerce and online reach.

AKM Mehrasons Jewellers exhibit a beautiful integration of traditionalism and modernism through their offerings, providing a bespoke experience to their customers.

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