Is emergency authorization of Covid-19 vaccine uncalled for?

A year after the Covid-19 outbreak was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the race for the coronavirus vaccine seems to be coming to a successful end with several vaccine candidates making it to the phase 3 clinical trials.

There are more than 200 other candidates at different stages of development as well.

While the authorities are trying their best to roll out the vaccines in their countries as soon as possible, the people are also anticipating the access to vaccination all around the world.

At this juncture, the FDA (food and drug administration) is waiting for the completion of clinical trials, wherein thousands of participants are usually involved in the process.

It also needs to inspect the production facilities, manufacturing plans and details pertaining to the product stability, before giving it a go.

However, the emergency authorization of the vaccine has also taken place in a few countries, which may not be an ideal scenario in the larger spectrum, since such a vaccine may fail to gain the trust of the people, even if it’s highly effective.

According to several reports, the declining trust in a covid-19 vaccine is already prevalent among all the genders, races, ages and education levels. Many people have shown their dissatisfaction over the pace of approval and research.

These trust issues may prove to be detrimental, as the authorities gear up for expanded access of the vaccine in the long run.

Another major factor could be the possibility of side effects or the rumors that come with the emergency authorization.

Those living in UK and the US may welcome emergency authorization due to the constant fear of the virus that has gripped these countries, but for other countries, the consequences do matter.

Some countries may get the edge by authorizing the use in advance, as the shortage of vaccine is highly expected around the world. But, the shortcomings of such a move may not be undermined by the lower income nations.

The significantly lower standards for the emergency usage of the Covid-19 vaccine may leave quite a few loopholes in the process.

The stringent approvals of drugs and vaccines exists for a reason. Such a process not only eliminates the vulnerabilities, but also ensures equal distribution among both poor and rich countries.

Although one cannot question the intention to save lives through emergency authorization of the vaccine, ensuring effective use of the same requires complete adherence to the protocols.

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