Percentage of growth in revenue of health-related wearables in India, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia

growth in revenue of health

It is expected that the annual growth of the revenue from the wearables in India can reach 5.8% by 2023 while user penetration is expected to knock 4.6% by 2023. Saudi Arabia’s revenue from wearables is expected to achieve a growth of 4.6% per year, on the other hand, China, at present generates the highest revenue at around $4,5999 million in 2019 and is expecting a growth rate of 3.7% per year. Russia’s wearables penetration can touch 4.4% by 2023, while the annual growth of the revenue can reach 5.6%. Future Health Index 2019, commissioned by Philips, also puts in the average of the 15-country average under the study. It is good to see that India’s revenue from wearables growth rate is more than a percent high than the fifteen-country average. It indicates that more and more Indians are opting technologies to track their health.

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