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Arowana Consulting-IT and Services

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[tab title=”Description” ]Arowana Consulting, established in 2006, is an emerging IT services and products Company which began with a firm belief to create a Company with strong domain expertise. Arowana realizes that a company can survive once they prove their credentials and establish themselves as a reliable partner to Organizations, enabling them to continuously deliver their vision.Being a Global player Arowana is a true multinational gives enormous travel opportunities and gives a consultant, the exposure to work on heterogeneous, multicultural environment. With its client base spanning to all possible domains, verticals Arowana provides an opportunity where one can enrich his profile with multiple domain experience.Arowana product team provides great opportunity to innovate new products. It encourages employees to present white papers and to file patents. Arowana management believes in flat hierarchy, open environment and culture where it provides easy access to top management without any bureaucracy thus encouraging every employee to share his opinion freely and can have great visibility to one’s work.Arowana also believes in job rotation where it encourages role changes to discover new talents in their employees.[/tab]
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