WWICS helping others to get US Immigrant Visa

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The number of people who want to go and settle in US is huge; quite huge to be honest. But equally low is the number of candidatures that even clear the parameters to even get considered for immigrant visa. This is largely because of the lack of knowledge of the US immigrant policies. Many fret over the strictness and complexities of these policies but the truth is that US has a very specific procedure, which can be unnerving if not understood properly. Starting with the basics, WWICS shares the basic criterion under which a candidate can apply for US immigrant visa. Lt. Col. B.S. Sandhu, Chairman, WWICS says that migrating to America isn’t as difficult as it seems. It however has a very specific process which cannot be ignored in any case. Being in this business for long, WWICS has seen that many candidatures do not get an immigrant visa as there is some sort of loophole in their application.

A candidate can apply on many grounds to get U.S immigration visa. The most common being a sponsorship by a U.S citizen or Permanent resident. In this category, a U.S citizen can file immigrant visa petition for Spouse, children, parent and brother/sister where as a permanent resident (green card holder) can sponsor spouse and unmarried children.

Another way is if a U.S employer sponsors a skilled worker and hires it in to permanent jobs. For this, the employer needs to file an  I-140 Petition for Alien Worker with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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