CA vs LLB: Which is the most rewarding career option?


Chartered accountant is a professional who is concerned with accounts, taxes, etc., of the firm, and is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. After completing 10+2, a student can take the CA foundation course to make an entry into Chartered Accountancy. 

As far as LLB is concerned, it is pursued to become a lawyer. Lawyers are taught the tenets of the law and decision-making that is based on facts and reasoning, rather than emotions. A good lawyer comes with an ability to make difficult decision, while putting his client’s interest in the first place.

Today, many options are available for the lawyers. They can choose a career in criminal, civil, corporate, commercial, mediation, human rights, intellectual property rights, environment, cyber and much more. LLB can be done after 10+2 or graduation. There are many universities that offer various courses in law. However, choosing a well-known university is always better, as it provides prime placement opportunity, outstanding exposure and professional enhancement training.  

Some universities also provide scholarships to its students, depending on the entrance test of the university or board result. CAs are considered the kings of the financial world. Many leading companies today are hiring CAs to handle their financial matters and management. Chartered Accountancy Qualification opens the doors to a vast range of exciting career opportunities. No other professional accounting qualification provides students with the same support, structure, guidance and quality education throughout the training process.

On the other hand, lawyers enjoy a unique professional status and a glamorous image. They are in a position to help individuals, groups and organizations with legal solutions to their problems. Working as a lawyer is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. Overall, both the professions have their advantages.  

If you have skills like active listening, reading comprehension, communication, critical thinking, mathematics, etc., then CA is a good option.  While LLB is all about being thirsty for knowledge, independent learning, teamwork, research, commercial awareness, etc. It is important to take a deep look into your abilities as an individual and follow the course which suits you the best.


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