Lesser-known facts about the most successful Bollywood celebrities’ siblings

Some of the biggest Bollywood stars have equally talented and glamorous siblings who can also sign up for the showbiz. However, a number of them prefer maintaining a low profile. With one gleaming in the stardom, the other sticks to a career behind the cameras.

  1. Rhea Kapoor

Rhea Kapoor sister of sonam kapoor

With her father Anil Kapoor and sister Sonam Kapoor ruling the big screen, it’s somewhat bizarre that the beautiful Rhea Kapoor chose to stay away from the silver screen. However, she did make her Bollywood debut as an assistant director for the film Wake Up Sid in 2009. Following the success, Miss Kapoor went on to produce the movies like Aisha (2010) and Khoobsurat (2014).

  1. Anisha Padukone

Anisha Padukone sister of Deepika Padukone

Sister of Deepika Padukone, the most sought-after actress in the tinsel town, Anisha is not far behind when it comes to talent. A professional golfer, she is among the top 10 golfers in the country.

  1. Ankur Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari Brother

An architect of the visual and audio aesthetics of various super hit songs by Bollywood Singer Ankit Tiwari is none other than his brother, Ankur Tiwari. He has played a major role in making of this star. At the time when the singer was striving for a successful career, Ankit Tiwari’s brother supported him as his manager.

The duo also runs a production house named ‘Brotherhood Entertainment’. Ankur Tiwari serves as the chief of both video and audio production. While it’s the voice of Ankit Tiwari which makes his songs an aural delight, the creative quotient of his brother enables the fine production.

  1. Aditya Rai

Aditya Rai elder brother of Aishwarya Rai

Aditya Rai could have easily earned himself a place with other Bollywood superstars, owing to his sister — Aishwarya Rai’s successful career in movies. However, it was his passion for his profession as a mechanical engineer in the navy that overpowered the zeal for fame and recognition in showbiz.

  1. Siddharth Chopra

Siddharth Chopra

Brother of the most charming style diva Priyanka Chopra, he has never had any association with the Bollywood industry. Choosing a completely different profession than his sister, Siddharth pursued a culinary course from a renowned University near Geneva. He is a culinary expert and worked as a hospitality industry professional after training as a chef in Switzerland. Following his passion, Siddharth also launched a lavish pub in Pune named ‘The Mugshot Lounge’.

In a country where people from the same family tend to follow the same path and share the same fortune, these Bollywood celebrities’ siblings have successfully carved a niche in their own realms and how!

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