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  • Parag

    if you
    are looking for and investment in
    Dubai on a right place, you must go with Taher Suterwalla and brothers very
    effective and well pleasing person, ensures that all properties consistently
    set new standards for luxury, comfort and innovative design, whilst at the
    same time consistently redefining what is possible.

  • Arvind

    only human, we all want to feel at home, we all want to feel safe, to feel
    belonged. Hopes a lot from Taher Suterwalla.

  • Surendra

    design of view Emirates By taher Suterwalla..!!

  • Jitender

    Suterwalla is a great real estate agent having 15 years experienced in real estate holds
    directorships. Very glad to deal with him in Dubai talked over a well
    designed flat .

  • Ankush

    I would
    appreciate to Taher Suterwalla for his well designed view emirates in Dubai
    city. great work done by him.

  • Brijesh

    looking several agents for investment I have found Taher Suterwalla the best one. Now planning
    about to build view Emirates in Dubai.

  • jeevan

    & Good professional Builder, Advise clients on mortgages, market
    conditions and pricing

  • Pranav Raj

    lot about a well-efficient, expedient and reliable person Taher Suterwalla
    thought about to confab with him and talk over building a home in Dubai. I was
    easy going after met with him and found myself satisfied and heedless. good eye contact, positive
    body language. Strive to be attentive, engaging and courteous.very
    approachable and genial person he is really.

  • kamil shah

    Taher suterwalla done a great work for me and my family they provided us a good house at good location I am very happy with the service of Taher Suterwalla… thank you

  • Mohd. Salman

    This is a well known name in real estate market. One of my friends shifted in Dubai and when they are looking for a good real estate agent/builder after searching on internet they found view emirates/ taher suterwalla they contact them and after meeting they bought a flat through taher suterwalla. Now they are very happy in their new house.

  • Kanesh malhotra

    I heard lot thing about view emirates. They are doing such a good work in real estate world they build with outstanding design and quality material.

  • Tufail Siddiqui

    Their way of working is really good and they very helpful, I prefer suterwalla brothers.

  • Priyanka Tripathi

    You guys surely make our houses beautiful!Very Helpful & Nice article.

  • Sufi sayyad

    It has been 6 months purchasing a flat built by Taher surterwalla. Now I feel really proud that I chose Taher suterwalla to build my dream home. Every aspect of it is marvelous. Very big thanks to the entire team…

  • Saleem shekh

    As like you, I also had a good experience with taher suterwalla ( CEO of view emirates) I am fully satisfied with my home everything is perfect there at my new home I would like to say thanks for their great work if anyone looking to invest in real estate than Taher Suterwalla would be a good option.

  • Sartaj husain

    After reading some of experiences about Taher suterwalla now I decided to invest with them on a project. thank you all for sharing your valuable experience here.

  • Arbaaz khan

    A big thank you to taher suterwalla, you and your team is very helpful and corporative. Thanks a lot for your assistance which made me stress free.

  • Malay

    I have been accosiated with View Emirates from the past few years and I must say that the way they have worked for their clients is just commendable. I am really greatful to that I am connected with them.

  • rohan

    View Emirates is famous for providing their customers a luxurious lifestyle by their amazing work. They are building people deam home and I am also the one who is living in one of their projects.

  • puneet

    Great line said by Taher Suterwalla that “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. Some people always wait for the right time to come but some people can’t wait and they make their own ways to success. I wish him and View Emirates good luck for the future work.

  • Nakul

    Dubai is the best place for expanding your business. It’s almost 15 years now that Taher Suterwalla is working for their clients now.

  • suhail

    Taher suterwalla is a well known name in dubai real estate market. He is a nice person and very helpful they provided me a dream home. I am thankful to him and his approchable service. Would like to suggest every investor.

  • Saurav verma

    my friend I am also very happy with my new property. I bought this through taher suterwalla. Before purchase he gave me full information about my property. He is such a nice person and professional too.

  • Sachin Sharma

    The staff of taher suterwalla is very helpful and corporative. I am thinking to purchase from them just because of their reputation in real estate world they are doing very nice work for the associates.

  • Vikram

    I bought a home from taher suterwalla and Quality wise my home is ok and all the facilities are there. I prefer taher suterwalla for a good property in dubai. I have met him personally and have seen his Luxury projects in dubai.

  • tarun

    People all their life wait for the success to come automatically to them but without making an effort nobody can succeed in life.

  • sidhant

    The way taher Sutarwala has take his company on a high level it’s something which encourage others also.

  • Aadi

    He has always make his effort in providing his clients the best service which they want from them. I am saying this because I have experienced this by myself.

  • anchal

    View Emirates has become the top most compnaies in terms of real estate. They are doing a great work…Keep it up.

  • rishabh kumar

    Taher suterwalla was the agent for the purchase of my first home, which was a short sale.

  • suleksha

    I can’t say enough good things about him he spent a ton of time with us, sorted all queries on time always and kept us updated ..A big thanks.!

  • Raavi narula

    This developer is On the top of being good real estate developer.. He did the same what he promised to us..

  • gurubaksh bhatti

    Taher suterwalla was extremely patient as I had to review and ask questions about EVERY document. He is a fantastic realtor and a reliable guide through the home-buying process.

  • Bharat

    taher suterwalla did a good job for us. He is a professional in real estate market. He provided me a good house in dubai as the same as he promised me, I am glad to be the part of this agent.

  • Narain

    One of the best options for property purchase in Dubai, Taher suterwalla doing awesome work in Dubai. The man with great knowledge and great projects in dubai. I think if anyone wants to purchase property in Dubai so taher suterwalla can make your purchase reasonable.

  • Chirag

    It’s a better option for me….

  • varun

    Taher suterwalla and brothers is a reliable name in real estate world. I want to say just a single thing you guys are fabulous…

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