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  • Raushell

    Good start by Shukaku Inc for the PPCC it add some good value for the company which is trying to put its effort to making phenom pehn city center better development.

  • Monshay

    I have been the participants of this competition although I was not in the list of winners but still I got to learn many more things from here. And got a golden opportunity to showcase my talent in design. Lots of people participated in that competition from different age group. it was really a cherry making moment for me to be presented there.i felt very proud itself.

  • Lavish

    Shukaku doing great work for the PPCC..youngsters will definitely effected by this competition. Good approaching work done by the shukaku Inc corp.

  • Devansh Mittal

    Shakaku Mission is to transform phnom pehn city center landscape into a modern business and leisure hub with international standard infrastructure and amenities. People are working in its domain sincerely. Its not sufficient even they have organized a youth competition in which the adults are provided to exibhit their skills in architecture and designing field.

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