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  • Malvika Gurnani

    I want to take part in Marathon this time. I participated last year also. Will there be any discount for me??

  • Suraj Choudhary

    Wow, Marathon is back. I’ll also participate in Bangalore Marathon..

  • angad gosh

    I participated in my school sports a lot. Now this time I was very excited to took part in banglore marathon organised by shriram properties.

  • amar verma

    Very glad to know that shriram properties has organised a marathon in resonable registration. Next time I would like to participate in this marathon.

  • guruvansh sharma

    I participated in this marathon and really enjoyed.

  • ritesh kumar

    can some body tell me about where is the event conducted every year in bangalore?

  • khushbu

    I have taken a part in this marathon, I enjoyed too much there. The marathon was very much entertaining.

  • Parav

    I had a nice experience. The marathon organized by shriram properties. The marathon held at Bangalore. Every volunteer was very helpful there. Now I am waiting for the next marathon.

  • narayan

    Wonderful, Shriram properties thank you for this gift I enjoyed very much

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