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  • Grande C1104

    Nothing short of a harrowing experience, disgusting attitudes irrespective of the designer and their workforce, and worst part is even after six months since I moved in to my new apartment I’m still held at their mercy for finishing works. Respecting timelines is ‘Alien’ to them, not sure whether that’s a culture passed down from their parent company; I’m yet to figure out the real connection but my goods had this label addressed to ‘Aliens Group’. Days translate to ‘weeks’, weeks translate to ‘months’, and months just double the overall time they take. What’s a pity is their designs are brilliant, especially for someone who appreciates minimal modern designs, the material finishes are unbelievably good, possibly due to their tie ups with an Italian manufacturer. Unfortunately, such a great piece of work is handled by highly unskilled labor on site, a workforce who’s incapable of even interpreting straight lines. Numerous counts of feedback were given right from day 1 since I experienced their installation folks’ lack of empathy towards craftsmanship, but as if they don’t respect feedback and adding more insult to the injury the same group of installation folks were repeatedly sent over. TV Wall unit was fixed with a slant on the side where I keep the TV, and it’s been over six months of repeated follow ups and they don’t seem to bother, only giving new dates and false promises every time. I can’t even open my refrigerator door fully, another messed up installation which they left unfinished, I’ve been literally begging them to at least fix it in a way for me to open my fridge fully; six months and counting! Well, none of their staff currently lifts my call, the owner/or chief designer (not naming publicly here) seems like she has blocked my number on her phone. I’m at a phase where I’m thinking of just letting go of all the pending works from Focus Frame, because dealing with this firm further is only going to make it worse for my wellbeing; after all moving to an apartment on my own was a big dream and I don’t want Focus Frame to continue being there as the spoiler!

  • Neeraj

    I will sincerely suggest anyone who is looking for interiors to keep away Focus Frame Luxury Interiors . Pathetic company with no experience and no ethics. I had given them a contact for the interiors of My Home Abhra but cancelled the contact after 2 months as nothing was done for two months except talking. They did not return a single paise and did not do any work in the flat. Totally disappointed.

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