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  • Saryu Gulati

    I was diagnosed with dengue fever on 2nd November 2014. I was admitted to the hospital for 5 days where my platelets went down to 30,000. I was given platelets transfusion and on the 7th day my platelets started increasing. It is highly debilitating and depressing especially to a sportsman. I am a fitness freak and swim for about 1 hour continuously. But this fever has really weakened me and I am still feeling the weakness. We should aware everyone.

  • Shahina Sen

    BJP Controlled Municipal Corporations are equally to be blamed. History is witness to the fact that LORD CLIVE “DIARCHY” did not work, how could ” TRIARCHY” ( Central State Municipal Corporations) can succeed?Let NCR region be under Central Government with a Cabinet Minister to administer it.

  • Tanvi Dhayni

    Every year Dengue outbreak takes place and yet the government is unable to do something about it. This is a serious issue. Another kid has died of this disease and a major reason for this is that she contracted the disease from the open drains in her colony. Now isn’t this the job of civic authorities that such open drains are taken care of? Insane! Dengue isn’t as harmless as common cold. I am glad this NGO Relief India Trust has taken efforts to spread awareness about Dengue and how to safeguard against it. This is extremely needful. Taking care of the basics go a long way.Kudos to Relief India Trust for they are contributing towards controlling the outbreak.

  • Shreya Gulati

    Delhi Police have launched a special campaign of blood donation DAAN (Donation and Awareness for Needy) in view of the rising number of dengue cases in the city and increased demand for blood platelets.

  • amit gupta

    Main aim of this organisation seems to control the dengue spreaded in all over delhi-ncr region. Thanks for spreading the awareness in people for dengue. I hope we soon be able to eradicate the disease.

  • sumit bhardwaj

    I work as an assistant for relief india trust. This is a well organised NGO dedicated to eliminate several major diseases from their roots and spreading awareness in people about the diseases. I am proud to work with such organisation.

  • rehanshi gupta

    hii all this NGO is indeed a human savior. I think everyone should be a part of this organisation for a good cause. I really appreciate the works you guys are doing!

  • Bhaumik

    I had just gone through the relief india trust, NGO website..Really liked their work and the time they take out to care for the needy. If you are interested, take time going through what they do and may be help out the needy in your own way. Intention is to be a human and show compassion to another – All that matters.

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