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Relief India Trust- A small help for make them smile

Relief India Trust- A small help for make then smile

Relief India Trust- A small help for make them smile


There are many sections of the society which remain devoid of even the basic necessities. Eradication of such inequality and bettering of societal prosperity has been the only motive for many noble organizations. Though there are many non-pofit organizations running to help underprivileged and for other causes, only a handful of them are really contributing to their said causes. One such NGO is Relief India Trust. Relief India Trust reaches out to people who are in need, even in farther and remote areas. Relief India Trust contributes through an array of  initiatives and looking at its activities will definitely help one in getting motivated to help the society.

Relief India Trust is working towards creating a healthy and disease free society. Relief India Trust provides advanced healthcare facilities to people even in the remotest corners of the country. The health related activities performed by the NGO are as follows:

1. Arrangement of free medical camps
2. Provision of free medicine to deserving people
3. Creating awareness among people about preventive measure related to various diseases
4. Creating awareness about first aid tips
5. Honorary services of expert doctors

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