National Ngo and Save the Quest organizes a Mobile School

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Education is one such medium that enables a person to make a better life. It is one of the most potent weapons of all times, a weapon that has allowed the civilizations to prosper. If it wasn’t for education, we’d still be living the dark-age. The evolution of human psychology is briefly characterized by the education a person receives. The effect is indelible, especially in children. But there are thousands and thousands of children who long to get educated. They instead are forced to beg or work at a tender age. National Ngo and its partner ‘Save the Quest’ have initiated a drive that aims at educating poor and underprivileged street children.

The project of national ngo has been named STQ Mobile School and will lay special emphasis on imparting education to the children who beg on the streets and red lights. At such tender age, when the kids are supposed to go to a school and get education, they are forced to beg on the red lights, markets and other areas. Many a time this is due to poor financial situation and in various cases are made to do such things by a nexus or some gang.

The initiative started its first leg with a ‘Raen Basera’ in sector-4, R.K Puram, Delhi. Raen Basera often is a house to these poor kids who either beg on the streets, signals, flyovers or work at petty stalls. Around 27 students were a part of the first session.

Saif Ahmed Khan, Founder, Save the Quest, expressed that the children were extremely enthusiastic. They were arranged them in the class room and showed a video on basic alphabets which they loved. There were around 27 students and packets containing notebook, pencil, eraser and sharpener were distributed among them. The trainers of National Ngo taught the kids on how to use those stationery items properly. There were some kids who knew how to write but had to drop education because of their poverty.

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