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Alternative Medical Council Calcutta

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[tab title=”Description” ]The Alternative Medical Council Calcutta (AMCC) was established in the year 1991. This Council has now a Student Population of near about 24000. AMCC is a pioneering institution distinguished by research, academic innovation and international Conferences. AMCC is one of the leading institutions of its type. It offers full time Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor level and Post Graduate programme. Such as Diploma in Alternative Medicine, Individual Diploma Courses, Paramedical Courses, Bachelor of Alternative Medical System, individual Bachelor Courses, Post Graduate Diploma Coures, Masters programme, Doctorate programmes etc. The distance learning courses conducted by AMCC offers the opportunity to take courses whenever you want and wherever you are. It is a unique learning experience for students. AMCC’S state of the art modern computerised training facilities, with wifi internet, offer many path ways to earning a diploma and a degree in a relatively short period of time. This modern, leading institute has been enjoying international reputation ever since its inception in 1991. For more information on available courses, how to apply, resources and online short course demonstration visit, or contact us at 8336934820, 033-25425572, 033-65401247. [/tab]
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