Raul Gorrin- Man behind the success of Globovision

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Raul Antonio Gorrin , Globovision television station owner and president of insurance, Life, the company that acquired with Juan Domingo Cordero and Gustavo Perdomo in 2008 in the amount of Bs. 12 million 500 thousand. He is a lawyer specializing in criminal law graduated from Universidad Santa Maria in Caracas. It is the legal representative of the president of Banco Canarias, Alvaro gorrín “- pork – baked. Trinity gorrín “- pork – Baked took over 15 years to gather enough finance to buy Life Insurance fortune and become the new owner of Globovision.

He is known to be the best of people can come through your life. It has been a source of inspiration for the people of Venezuela.

In 2008 he became majority shareholder of Life Insurance. His public appearances are few, the website is not anything that identifies it appears; maybe that will change now that he is the owner of Globovision. Globovision is 24 hours television news network in Venezuela and Latin America. Globovision is seen in the rest of Venezuela by cable or satellite (Globovision has a partnership with DirecTV, which can be seen on channel 110) and around the world from your website. Globovision has been criticized by President Hugo Chavez, accusing the channel of manipulating this information, conspiracy, giving airtime to the opposition (but not government), and racism. According to the government, Globovision, during the de facto government of Pedro Carmona, refused to show pro-Chavez demonstrations demanding the resignation of Carmona or looting that occurred on 12 and 13 April 2002.

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