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  • Aadi

    Dr. Madhukar Angur is a Chancellor of Alliance University and before that he was a professor of marketing at the Flint campus of the University of Michigan in USA. He has learned a lots of thing there and trying to apply them in India in a better way.

  • Kanshika

    He has won a lot of awards in an Educational sector for making our system better for the coming generation and for the present as well.

  • divya

    I really want to congratulate Dr. Madhukar Angut with bottom of my heart for getting the award of Education Entrepreneur of the Year 2015. i respected them alot as they are putting their efforts in education this certifies that he is really a deserving person. In this event chief guest was Prof. (Dr.) Ram Shankar Katheria, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Government of India (Higher Education).

  • bhanu

    These picture shows that this event was really big and very knowledgable to know about this eminet personality Mr. Madhukar Angur.

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